Annual Report 2019

The last 12 months in Higher Education have been full of challenges; the wheels of the student recruitment cycle turned again, with institutional winners and losers in an increasingly competitive marketplace; the recent ONS report on the treatment of student loans in the public sector finances and national accounts; rising pension costs; and the eventual publication of the Augar review.

All of this has taken place amid turmoil in the wider political world, dominated by preparations for Brexit. The road ahead for the next 12 months doesn’t look any less fraught with danger either, but a key priority for PHES and our associations is to ensure that we are maximising the resources and resilience of all sector bodies to support our members’ effectiveness and sustainability, and to work together to influence and inform sensible debate.

One of  the  main reasons PHES exists is to support the associations that operate within it. We do that in a variety of ways, and often the most rewarding is when we work collectively across the four member associations. 

Find out how we have been doing that by downloading PHES Annual Report 2019.